Thursday, August 30, 2007

Few Things You wanted to Know about the Swap But Were Affraid To Ask

Hi Ladies!
I am very happy to see that so many of you already published your questionaire! That's great and thank you very much for your enthusiasm! For those who are a tiny bit lazy or aren't here that often, the deadline for publishing your questionaire is the 15th of September, and please stick to this date! After this date, give us about 2 weeks to complete the matches: we need to read through all the questionaires and with the proud amount of participants, which is about 130, it will take us some time. Remember as well that we want to find you a perfect match, and since Maryanne lives in the States and I in Switzerland, the time zones work always against us, so every meeting in the chat room to discuss the swap and exchange some gossip is always a big logistical challenge.

We had decided, maybe against the will of some of you, that this will be a secret swap, and that the person to whom one sends won't be the same person sending to you. We know that many of you would wish for an open swap, but we thought that a secret swap really works with the Christmas spirit, so that everyone of you can have a chance to play the real Santa for someone else. So please, my Dear Ladies, get yourself an anonymous email account (with Secret Pal or Secret Santa or whatever your imagination tells you) to write to your swap partner. You will always be writing from your secret email to the person's private email.
After the swaps are made we will give you the deadline to contact your swap partner. Again, please stick to it. In case of any troubles - swap partner not writing to you, or not answering your emails, etc. - please let us know and we will try to deal with the situation.
In case your partner doesn't respond neither to you nor to us, you will be given an Angel who will take over. Four lovely ladies volunteered for this task: Linda, Skylar, Betty-Jean and Jo Ann. Thank you ladies for being there for the others! We of course hope that your services will not be needed!


Knittings Nice! said...

Sorry but me being quite computer iliterate how do you get an anonymous email account...tried adding another mail address but my computer wouldn't allow it.

Knittymuggins said...

Hi there - the easiest thing is to just go to gmail or yahoo or some such and get a brand new account (not linked with your old account at all). Then when it asks you what info you want on your outgoing messages, you type in "Secret Santa" or whatever you like instead of your actual name. Hope that helps! But feel free to e-mail one of us if you are still having problems :)

Sam juggins said...

I have a secret e-mail I used in the Sockapolooza swap, would it be ok to use this one again? I am getting really excited now!!!

Kasia said...

Sure! If you already have one, why shouldn't you use it?!

Debbie said...

my questionnaire to my blog. It is