Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello to all!

Hi! I just received my invitation message, and I am really excited to be part of this swap. Someone else mentioned how great it is to be part of a group that understands the concept of yarn (and other related things!) as gifts - so very true! I have been part of a number of swaps where I have received parcels from knitters all over the world - it has been an enlightening experience, and I look forward to hearing from others with new and different ways to celebrate. I grew up in Ohio and now live in Massachusetts (with my husband, four children and a dog) and have learned a few new customs along the way, but there is always more to learn and enjoy. I will trying to wrap up the summer's ongoing projects while I wait to hear who my swap buddy will be. Happy Holidays - I say celebrate them all! - Karen V.


Knittymuggins said...

Welcome Karen! I agree - it's fun to celebrate *all* the holidays :)

Knittings Nice! said...

Hi Karen...thought would stop by...this is a truly lovely idea...never have done a swap before but looking forward to it immensely....trying to think of orginal bits and pieces and already looking around...I don't know 18th August and should be sitting outside in beautiful sunshine with a glass of wine for the evening...instead its raining and really hoo...but hey theres always the knitting.