Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hi All!

I'm really glad to have been invited! I've never done a swap before, and I always miss the signups by one or two days :(. I'm a student in Cupertino, Ca. I knit constantly, and wish I could work nights somewhere boring so I could have more than just my afternoons to work on things. Haha. I'm excited, and can't wait for the swap to start, to get my partners info, and get started on goodies.


Dorothy said...

Breakups are ICKY! Hopefully, some knitting therapy will help!

If it helps, all breakups lead you that much closer to the ONE!

Kasia said...

I am so sorry about your nasty breakup! But I am sure that something lovely and knitted with come out of that!
Matches will be made soon! But first questionarie, which can be expected after coming monday. Maryanne and I are working hard on this one, but since we live few thousands kilometers from eachother it takes a bit of organising skills. Just be patient!

Knittymuggins said...

I'm *so* sorry about your breakup Didi! Like Dorothy said though, it will surely bring you closer to finding your soulmate :) At least you have knitting to keep you company! Heh. I wish *I* could knit at work too!!