Thursday, August 16, 2007

Well yipee,

Really excited to have signed up for the swap. Looking forward to having "a new pal" and being able to share some Xmas goodies with them. Hannah and I (Hannah is 11 1/2) are both Scottish - have been living in Toronto for 5 years now. I have also lived in Australia, Africa, the Middle East - so I hope my new pal is from some far corner of the earth and I can visit her via the WWW! Xmas will be extra fun this year with someone else to share it with (usually it is just Hannah and I) and I can't wait (Hannah is also intrigued by the concept of it)! I used to knit a lot when I was younger and have only started again in the last year or so. I am teaching Hannah to knit as I want to pass the skill onto the next generation. Knitting is in my blood - my late Mum was an avid knitter (from the Orkney Islands and her ancestors are from the Faroe Islands, Fair Isle). It is also my form of therapy!
More later - back to the reality of the "modern world".



Knittings Nice! said...

You sound as excited as I felt when I signed up...this is my first swap and already trying to think of original bits and pieces.
I lurve Christmas and this year will be more special as my DD is expecting boy and one girl due officially 20th December...but apparently twins generally come around 37 weeks so could be end of November.Way to go...woo hoo! oh and I adore the film Polar Express and Jack Frost.

Knittymuggins said...

Welcome! What exotic places you've lived in! You must have some interesting and varied holiday traditions picked up along the way :) How cool that you come from "knitting stock" too!