Saturday, August 4, 2007

What a Neat Idea fora Swap!

This is such a perfect time to start thinking about Christmas and winter- when the temps have hovered around 90-100 and above for about 2 weeks now. ENOUGH ALREADY! I enjoy Christmas, especially giving gifts. That is so much fun. I am married (29.5 yrs), mom of 3 girls, grandma of 1 boy. I live on a farm in North Dakota. We have sheep, cows, peacocks (saw a new mama with 3 babies yesterday), guinea fowl, 1 lonely duck, mini horses, ( a new baby there too), 1 donkey that helps guard the sheep, a Great Pyrenees Sheep dog, 2 Border Collies and several barn cats. Oh yeah, one tortoise named Dude.

Christmas time is a busy time for me but that is because I have a handmade candy business, that I opened in 1988. I start making candy in early October and hopefully am finished by the 2nd week of December so I can rest up before Christmas.

I love to knit, am still learning this craft, the 2nd time around. I also love to do Hardanger, it is so relaxing. Last year my DH worked in Hawaii on Oahu during the winter and when he came home for Christmas I went back to Hawaii with him and spent 30, yes thirty, glorious days exploring the island while he worked during the day. .


muoriska said...

Yes likewise like to learn about new peoples and cultures.

At 1999 february we had one week -45 to -52C cold, that was chilly.

Normally we have 1metre snow and app. -30-35c cold. In summertime we rarely have over +35C, the avarage is +17c ( and its enough me, don't like the heat).

Knittymuggins said...

Thanks for sharing Mikey! *Love* the name of the tortoise too :) Mmmm. I imagine your swap pal will be lucky enough to get some homemade candy - sounds wonderful! So does Hawaii :) Welcome!

Kasia said...

Mikey, homemade candy business? OMG, you must be Mrs Claus ;)! I love the idea! And agree with Maryanne that your swap partner will surely feel the luckiest person alive! Thanks for sharing! It's great to have you here!