Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

I am sorry I am late posting this, I have recently had surgery and made it home on Christmas Eve. But I want to say a very heartfelt Thank You to my Pal Deb!

I received this wonderful package from Deb for our Christmas Around The World Knitters Swap, she sent me a cute Santa hat and 2 knitters books and the sock patterns are going to be fun to do!If I can ever learn how to knit socks :( I wish I had a learn to book !She also sent me candy and it was delicious! and a pack of hot chocolate mix and a needle sizer and a magnet and the cutest little plate and spreader which I will use for my homemade spread for crackers for New Years, and lotions and creams in a nice set with a zippered bag and she knitted me a wash cloth and tied a bar of soap and a wooden soap holder into a pretty package! Deb thank you for everything, I so much enjoyed opening this package.

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My Incredible Package

I just want to thank Dianne again for my incredible package. She went well beyond what was expected. Details and pictures on my blog.
Again many thanks Dianne

Sunday, December 30, 2007

My package arrived the other day!

DK was my upstream partner. She sent me goodies for all my animals and popcorn, cocoa, Kona coffee, and chocolate covered flavored coffee spoons for me and mine, which are very yummy by the way. I haven't tried the coffee yet, but will be definitely. She also made some cool beaded counter bracelets and stitch markers which I have to definitely start using immediately. I also got a skein of yarn to paint from KnitPiks, and a link to her pattern for the Secret of the Stole. Thanks DK. I will post pics of the yarn and bracelets when I can. Unfortuately, the edible goodies are gone! LOL! Thanks Maryanne for a fun swap. Hope to participate in another one next year.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are these really for me?!

I received a wonderful package from Dorothea in Germany!
It is so touching that someone I don't even know has given me these gifts.
It is hard to believe they are really for me!

I adore the little wooden ornaments and the darling kitten chocolates, the scented candle, the gummy bears and card! I am looking forward to knitting with the pretty Silk Garden Lite yarn and the Addi needles! One of the wrapping papers features a knitting Santa! Dorothea also printed out the Calorimetry pattern for me and it is protected in a transparent sheet, perfect for the binder of patterns I've started.

What is most amazing is the beautiful knitted shawl. My hasty shot has not done it justice; I hope to capture a better photo to post on my blog. The colors are lovely and I can't wait to wear it! I will treasure it for all time! Dorothea, you've really brightened the end of my year. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.

Thanks Kim!!

Thanks to Kim for all the goodies! You can see them on my blog. Thanks also to the hostesses for a wonderful Christmas Swap. See you all next year! Nautical Knitter

A Very Merry Christmas!

Hi! I received my package about a week before Christmas, but waited patiently till Christmas morning. Which was no easy feat considering that the wrapping had split in shipping and the beautiful shawl was teasing me. All my goodies were worth the wait! Thank you Hanne in Denmark!
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My Parcel Arrived

I had a lovely purple Clapotis, Sock yarn in Grinchy, Brittany needles, a box of chocs, a fab Grinch tree decoration which my son loves and a beautiful Cherished Teddie "Sherlock" to add to my collection. I also received a packet of popping candy and some peppermint chocolate.

I would like to say thanks to Ana for being a brilliant partner. I think I have made a great friend there! I cannot wait for next years, or any other swaps before then. I will post more pics on my blog

Happy New Year to all!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Package Received

I opened my package from Peggy last night.
Thank you so much!
Details on my blog.

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yes I finally opened my package from Chris on Christmas day. What a lovely package it was. Chris knit me the most beautiful scarf in what other color than, of course, pink!!! Not only did she knit me a lovely scarf but she sent an extra skein of the yarn so I now can knit a hat with it to match. The yarn comes from Argentina and was chosen by Chris's youngest daughter as she liked the finished product on display in the LYS. Your daughter has wonderful taste. I wore it last night and my friend has already asked for the pattern. Are you able to share it? If so I would love to have it. And here is a close up of the scarf showing the ruffle. I also received this lovely yarn as it reminded Chris of the sunshine and she thought I could use some up here where I live. It is just lovely and as some glittery yarn mixed in which makes it even nicer. I have a thing for glitz! Don't you think it is just lovely? I do and I am not that fond of yellow but this is not your typical yellow and with the glittery thread. Nice very nice!!!! I do have a question though. Do you have any information on this yarn as there wasn't a label attached?

I also received teas. I got a box of Ashbys Twelve Teas of Christmas with five of each of the twelve varieties. AND I got candies. AND also in the box was a "P" sticky note pad, Christmas note cards and a magnetic Christmas note pad. The container you see on the box of tea is a container of Ellie's Unscented Knitter's Cream. I have already been using it and it is nice. BUT that is not all I found in my swap box from Chris. I found the some very interesting yarn and oh so soft called Butterfly by SUSS and a pattern to use with the yarn.
There is only one sad thing to say about the swap. I also received a lovely Christmas ornament but it was broken. It was a tin glass snowman. I am so sorry to have to tell you this Chris.
Still I think I received a very lovely package as nice as one can receive filled with treats, sweets and all kinds of goodies. I am so glad I heard about this swap from Vigdis in a group we are in together. I hope there will be another one next year.
Thank-you Chris for helping to make a wonderful Christmas for me and thank your daughter for choosing such a lovely scarf.

So very late...

Well I am slowly catching up but still horribly behind on everything. The brief details are on my blog the the meat of it is I had to have surgery to remove my gallbladder and this all happened at the same time I should have been mailing my buddies package.

I received a lovely package from my buddy but to be fair I won't open it until Nicole, in Germany, gets her package so this might be more like a New Year's swap than a Christmas one.

I appreciate Nicole's patience and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year!



I wonder if Carolyn got my package? Please, let me know.
Christmas gifts from Jenn

I send you a great hug and love for this lovely present
1. 200 yards 3 ply hand dyed merino wool - is feltable
2. A Noni pattern - The Majolica Bag/Vases full of flowers
3. A doily in wool
4. Syrup - I love this for my pancake and actually me and my family eat this every 1. january as breakfast
5. A Cookie Candle with vanilla from Yankee Candle. I have not seen it in Denmark
6. The Light House Ornament is the New London Ledge in Connecticut and a Christmas Ornament
Thank you to Jenn for sending me this lovely stuff. I love it all

I wish you all a Happy New Year


Hi there, I`m waiting to hear if you received the packet I sent you. I sent you an e-mail too. Please let me know. Else

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Gnome" is where the heart is.

Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you all were spoiled by your Pals through this fantastic exchange. My very creative & very sweet Pal (and new friend) Stephanie sent me a knitters package to be envied for sure! He is a bit hairy and tends to snore..but I adore my little gnome! Hand knit by Stephanie's loving hands, he traveled from Oregon to California and has decided the sunshine here, suits him just fine. He looks comfy, cozy already, Right?
Stephanie also included so many goodies for the senses and the soul. Gifts that I will enjoy that also benefit various charities and causes, as well as the environment. I interrupt my tree hugging, to send a big, virtual, squeeze to my Pal! Recycling is green & gorgeous ~ Just look at the beautiful colors in the yarn Stephanie sent. Drool worthy!!!
To my new friend and neighbor, I say Thank You! Thank you for your generosity, thoughtfulness and kind spirit. I have always stated that knitters are the BEST peeps around, and I have yet to be disproved!
Stephanie, You are a star! Thank You.

Janee, Where Are You?

The package should have arrived over a week ago, I have emailed several times...please janee, just let me know you received it.



I hope you received your package. Please let me know... I didn't insure it so I'm waiting to hear from you.

I hope DK enjoyed her package. I'm patiently awaiting mine. Merry Christmas Knitters!

Thanks Jamie

Jamie sent me an incredible box of knitting goodies and just plain goodies for Christmas. There were knitting tools, teas, paper, cute cocktail napkins, three ornaments (2 snowflakes and a sweet little bear) a mug, yarn, needles, a chocolate orange (love those things), custom made Christmas CD, Christmas memories book, a beautiful knit hat and scarf for me and a really fabulous curly-cue ruffled scarf for the DD. How sweet of you to think of her! She was thrilled to find out she had a package, too. The photos here are of the box's contents and of the two of us in our Christmas Jamie-finery. While we had a sunny and cold rather than white Christmas, it did snow a few inches last night. Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year.

On Christmas eve my package from my pal come. Here are yarn from Debbie Bliss, knitting needles, tea, candy, gingerbread man cookies to hang on the tree and a knitted hat. And my secret pal was Melanie :) Thanks a lot!!


Monday, December 24, 2007

My package has arrived from Danielle

Just a quick note to Dainelle to let her know her package has arrived and is waiting under the tree for Christmas to be opened. Thank you ahead of time. I will post a picture as soon as I can!

Also, I hope my package has found its way to Skylar. I didn't have much time to knit her something special. I hope she likes what I got her.

My packet from Alison

Today is our big day and we opened our gifts after a family dinner and Santas arrival. It was a joy to open the many gifts Alison had sent me. Look at all the great things. Will use it all. Now I`ll sit down looking through the magazine and pattern book I got. Thanks a lot to you Alison.

Christmas Surprise

I recieved my package from Skylar this Christmas Eve morning!

As you can see she packed it full with lots of Christmas treats. The scarf is really beautiful and I can't wait to wear it out.

Thanks Skylar and I wish everyone a peaceful and Happy Christmas


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Please Read It!

Hi Ladies!
I am very happy to hear that all of you are fond of your swap partners. That makes Maryanne and me very happy. Maryanne asked me to remind you about few things:

1. Please make sure that you had contact your partner by Saturday, 6th of October. If you haven't heard from your partner till 10th of October, please do contact us and we will chase them.
2. Make sure that you had anwsered to the email from your swap partner. Again do check your spam carefully, because providers such like yahoo and gmail (and probably hotmail) do have the tendency to throw such emails from Secret Pal account to the spam. So do not delete your spam without checking.
3. Please do read sticky posts! All instructions are there. So first read and then ask.
4. In case your swap partner is neglecting you, contact us and we will try to give her a wake-up call.
5. Make sure that your parcel have enough time to reach your partner. If you have a delay, do tell that openly to your partner. There is nothing worst that waiting for a parcel that doesn't arrive.
6. This is a secret swap. So do not reveal too much of your identity to your swap partner.

Thank you all for your attention and posts. Happy Knitting!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Package Received!

I received my package from Cheryl in Texas the other day but didn't have a chance to open it unitl today. I got a ton of wonderful things ~ chocolate covered espresso beans (yum), blueberry coffee, brownie mix in an adorable penguin bag, sticky notes, a flashing soap for my son, several pairs of socks, a gingerbread man for my tree, vanilla & rose sachets, bath fizzies, lion brand thick yarn perfect for knitting the mittens that were in the pattern I received. Thank you Cheryl! I really enjoyed this swap.


My package arrived!

Hello to all! I received my package yesterday from Linda in Indianapolis...I love it! She really outdid herself! My scarf is beautiful. It's a Chevron scarf done in shades of pink & black (my favorite). There is a close-up pic on my blog. There was also a lot of other goodies as well...a choc chip cookie, some Xmas chocolates, some Honeysuckle hand lotion, some Sugar & Cream yarn, dpn's, a row counter, stitch markers, a journal, some dish cloths, a stocking and a Santa ornament. Whew...thanks again Linda. This is the best Christmas present I could get. Merry Christmas to All!!!

Yabadabadoooo - I was lucky winner of....

I could not resist the 'pressure' from Didi and Maryanne so I have opened my LOVELY pressies from Didi.
I was the lucky winner of the blue scarf....... she displayed in here earlier.......
I've got a hand spindle in dark wood (I luv dark woood !!) and lots of fibers to get started with ;-) Great skein of merino yarn in a perfect color !!! Wonderful decorations for the tree - Didi even knitted a bag for it :0) Look forward to taste the chocolate..... and use the stich markers !
Thank YOU so very much Didi for being my secret Santa !!! I hope your cozy emails will continue !!!
Today are we going out to cut our Christmas tree and carry home - and I will use the scarf as it is a bit cold here..... maybe have some of the chocolate in the pocket..... ;-)
Sending you Didi a very warm and gentle HUG and to all in here my best wishes for a peaceful and Merry Christmas and a fiber fatastic Happy New Year. And again a VERY HUGE hug to Kasia and Maryanne for hosting the GREAT swap !!!
Hugs Hanne from in Denmark

Friday, December 21, 2007

Dear Santa (Renee)...

The UPS guy just left me the most AMAZING package :D. I have no words to describe the wonderful gifts you sent me...Thank you so much. I love every single one of them.
You're the best Santa ever!

I was naughty (again) and couldn't wait until Christmas Eve to open the package...Sorry...;P

To everybody else reading this post, here is a list of the gifts I got from Renne:
A huge cinnamon candle,
a gourgeous purple and blue felted purse,
Mittens in Noro that fit me! ,
A tiny (handmade by her),lovely knitting basket with yarns in all the colors I like to hang in my tree,
a Panettone (I'm sure my DH will also thank you for that one),
stitch markers,
Merino superwash yarn from Pinestar Studio,
the A Charlie Brown Christmas book
and a cute Christmas plate

I'm probably forgeting something...but I'll post pics later.

Thank you Renne! You're the best!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Blessed by an Angel...

I got my package from my Angel in Texas, yesterday.
What a bunch of wonderful surprises!
Details and more photos in my blog...

Thank you so much, Betty Jean!

This is on it's way to my Pal!

This Branching Out Scarf is on it's way to it's new it yours? :)

Woo Hoo It's here

Many many thanks to Jamie in Canada for the HUGE box that the postman delivered to my door (in Oregon) yesterday. (I read the return address.) My family has put it under the tree, so I don't know what's in it--and the anticipation is going to send me over the edge. (See shipping package at left in rather bad photo!) In other swap news, the package to my downstream pal is working its way toward her--hope she likes it.
This has been a great swap. I've really enjoyed getting to know my upstream and downstream pals and reading all the posts on the blog here (and elsewhere) about how we all celebrate Christmas and what's important to us.
Have a wonderful Christmas and 2008 everyone!

Package arrived!

I've received my package yesterday from Betty-Jean! It's such a great parcel! She knitted a beautiful shawl for me in colors I like very much! She sent me handpainted wool - nice colors and very soft. I'm going to knit socks out of it. And so much more things she sent me - chocolate - taste of marcipan - mmmmmmmmmmm, tea, a nice dish cloth with a thing to make cookies (dont know how to say it in English), a notepad, a vanille candle and two ornaments for the christmas tree, a body lotion - I like the flavor - and a nice little "treasure book of christmas memories" and some patterns for bags and for a scarf. It's such a great package! Thank you so much, Betty-Jean!

A big thank you to Bianca !!!!

A big THANK YOU to Bianca for my parcel which I received today. I love everything in it.

Beautiful sock yarn, hand knitted mini Christmas stockings, 2 decoupage books for my card making, chocolate, mints & tea, cool-aid, Xmas decorations, beautiful stitch markers, and a lovely card - all accompanied by a wonderful poem she composed. Thank you so much Bianca, my Secret Santa!

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I recieved my box on December 17, 2007. My swap partner was Patty and I have some really neat things. Thank you Patty and I love everything. Pictures will be on soon!

I had a lovely note...

on my blog from Chris M who was my downstream partner. She got her parcel even faster than I had dared to hope! Sometimes Canada Post smiles favourably on me. More often it doesn't so I was really pleased to hear she got it so quickly! I'm so glad she like the things I sent her!

I'm loving wearing my shawl that my wonderful partner, Jaana sent me along with enjoying the treats - I had the last gingerbread cookie just the other night. Mmmm... I do love gingerbread! I'm still trying to come up with the perfect pattern choice for the laceweight she sent me too!

Thank you to our hostesses for running the exchange for us! I have thoroughly enjoyed this! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I love my package and goodies.

I received my package a few days ago (maybe a bit longer) and I love it. Shawnee is an awesome swapper. This is my box of goodies.

Debbie Macomber is one of my favorite writers too! Well I am off to spin up a bag of raw llama. I put bumpers on the 3 legs of the wheel and she does not move along when I treadle. My wheel's name is Erlina which means Noble Woman. I am now tring to figure out if I will stencil, pain or stain my wheel darker. I want to make her unique since she is my first wheel Yeah Baby.

Package Received!

Thank you to Cary in Michigan for this cheerful Christmas package! It was waiting on my door step when I came home from work yesterday. But I had a hair appointment and no time to open the package. The whole time I was getting my hair done, I was looking forward to going home to my package. Opening it was a nice way to end the day. I know from some of the postings on this blog, some people are waiting for Christmas Eve or Day to open their gifts, but I couldn't wait!

More details are on my blog:

Merry Christmas to everyone!
My box is on it's way to my pal. I hope that she loves everything in it. I really enjoyed being in this swapp which is my very first swapp. I can't wait to see what I got from my pal!!!!!!

Yeaaaah I got a picture of Santa when he came with my pressies from Didi.

Had my children to help me open it..... not all is wrapped ;-)) So my daughter has taped it again with gaffa tape - NO picking, not even a little touch.... need to be patience ;-)

Am sure its chosen with the heart - have had such a wonderful conversation with Didi.

Glad we are celebrating Christmas on 24th..... only 6 days left !!!

Hugs to everyone from Hanne in Denmark

Monday, December 17, 2007

my pals box is on its way

to.................... LOL I am not telling but it is on its way!! I hope she likes can see it on my blog.She may guess it is hers by something thats showing.If you think it is yours and make a comment here or on my blog I will let you know.

Thank you!

I recieved the most lovely box from Australia!
Wish I had a camera to take photos....but alas, it was lost in Disneyland last month.

Anyway....I recieved 2 skeins of a lovely bamboo yarn that I cant wait to try out (when and if I ever finish the GI Blanket!). A box of my favorite cookies - shortbread! A book of recipes from Australia - cant wait to try some of them - they look yummy!

A dark green hand knit bag (alpaca no less!) which contained 2 ornaments - both wooden and both on the tree - a koala bear and a 'roo!

A bookmark - an Australian eucalyptus bookmark! And an authentic aboriginal art Australian made handkerchief! Really wich I could show that one cause it is really neat! And some handy - and always needed - stitch markers!

I hope I havent left anything out cause I love everything - thank you so much ozknitter!!!!

Box Heading to Georgia!

My Swap Pal in GEORGIA should be getting her box in a few short days! (this week, of course!)

Me :)
Look what I got last week from Leslie!
Come on over to my blog and read all about it...
(Cassie U.)

And it's off!

I sent my package off to my swap partner this morning. It's on it's way to the midwest from Maine.

I participated in two other swaps that ended in October and I still haven't gotten my packages yet. I hope hope hope I get a package from this swap before Christmas.

Chirstmas is on its way! :-)

My package to my Christmas Pal was sent to Canada last week, and I hope she will receive it in time and she will enjoy it.

My Angel told me that my package was on its way as well, and I cannot wait to receive it! ;-)

I would like to THANK all Angels for making it right for the ones of us who were not so lucky with their Pals...

I shared a few of my familial Christmas traditions in my blog, if you are interested to see

Merry Christmas to everyone! HO HO HO

Sick Hubby - Thoughts, Prayers and Cards Requested

Just a quick note to ask for good thoughts and prayers for my husband, Mike. He's been in the hospital for over a week with a blood infection that is attacking his right lower leg. More info on the blog I created for him, Updates on Mike. Thanks, my crochet/knitting friends! If you have a minute, I know he'd enjoy a get well card:

Mike Halligan
PO Box 1326
Tualatin OR 97062

On the Swap end, I have sent my box to Cheryl who posted as received on her blog, and received my own box from wonderful Beth. It's full of wrapped little surprises that I will treasure and open when life calms down or perhaps save for Christmas Day.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

On Its way

My package went out to my Pal a few days ago. I hope she will enjoy it. The scarf finished up nicely. I am making two more I enjoyed it so much.

getting excited!

My parcel was sent out in the middle of last week and it should have made its way in to Europe by now so hopefully it should reach its recipient somewhere in Northern Europe in a couple of days!!! My swap pal has told me my parcel is on its way so I'm starting to get excitited. Our tree at home is going up today and I'm going to finish off my present shopping today!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Waiting to See

I sent a package on its way to Minnesota a week ago and am just waiting to hear if it's arrived. I really hope my pal likes all the fun stuff I enclosed. Thanks to all who made this swap happen - I had a great time!

From England to Norway

Santa brought me today eight wrapped packets, chocolate coins and a card all the way from England. I opened the gift which I assumed was a CD with Christmas songs and I was right. Now I`ll listen to the lovely carols while preparing for the holiday. Rest of the packets will be opened at Christmas Eve, which is the day we open our gifts in Norway. Thanks a lot to motherofallneedles. Will post another photo when the rest of the packets are opened.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I sent my package!

I mailed a box to my pal the other day. She ought to get it sometime next week. That's all I'm going to say. No clues as to who or where I sent it or what was in it. I'll just say I enjoyed putting it together and I hope she enjoys receiving it.

Dust bunnies!

I got my package yesterday from the wonderful Penny! I'm almost 100% sure that I will be the only recipient of hand knit dust bunnies. I don't know how many Penny made, but there were 4 in the box I received (It's not a long trip from Winnipeg to Minnesota, but they do have the tendency to multiply). Along with the dust bunnies, she sent a bar of chocolate, maple cookies (I'm fighting my kids for them), a CD with Christmas music, 5 skeins of yarn, two cooking magazines, a beautiful ornament for my tree, hand lotion, and treats for my dog and cats. You are the best Penny!
Merry Christmas all. My partner, Bianca in the Netherlands... received her package and loves it. I really enjoyed collecting and making the little gifts. I can't wait 'til mine arrives.
Lacewing a.k.a The Merry Elf

Thank you

Jaana - my downstream pal from Finland - has sent me this nice wooden ornament with Christmas greetings! Thank you, Jaana!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

My package has arrived...

My Christmas Around The World Knitter's Swap Package has arrived! (Stop by my blog for more)

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

My partner, Sam, individually wrapped each gift. Sam made me a beautiful Christmas themed needle roll with some Pony Rosewood needles inside. I've always wanted to try working with Rosewood and now I have no excuse! I also received some sock needles and a skein of Magic Stripes Yarn. More sock knitting supplies, I can't wait to try them out! I also got a copy of a the UK "Simply Knitting" magazine with some Yankee candles, yummy Sat Suma soap, a 2008 planner/journal and Cadbury chocolate. Sam also made me some beautiful handmade stitch markers and a cute snowman ornament for my tree. Thank you so much Sam!
What a lovely package to start off this Christmas season!

Originally uploaded by ponyknit

A Package From Norway!

I received a package from Norway today! I first met Vigdis when we were partners in a felted bag swap and we have been great friends ever since. How ironic was it that out of 100 participants in this swap Vigdis got my name? She tried to keep it a secret, she really did, but I was very clever and found her out LOL. Anyway - here is the wonderful package she sent me. Aren't the little mitten and cap ornaments adorable? There is candy (see I haven't eaten it yet), a little carved wooded spoon ornament, a snowman ornament, a little folded star ornament, delicious smelling coffee, tea, and....

This adorable Norwegian Gnome - I think he will reside next to my computer.

These beautiful pewter ornaments - the detail on them is just beautiful.
And - some Norwegian yarn and a pattern book for some full size versions of the little Christmas ornaments along with the needles to make them. The pattern book is in Norwegian! I think that is her way of making sure I keep in touch with her so she can talk me through the pattern! Thank you so much Vigids (I love you!).

My pal also has received her package a couple of week ago, but hasn't posted it on the blog. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture before I mailed it - but it did include this handknit wrap , some roving (she is a spinner), a pattern book, and some other goodies. I hope that she liked it.

Thanks so much Kasia and Maryann for organizing this swap!

Has Santa arrived in Australia?

Santa left the cold snowy north for the warmth of Australia about two weeks ago. I hope he hasn't been detained! Of course, if I were him, I'd stop and spend a few days at the beach too!

Santa has left!

Yes, Santa has left Norway, too, over a week ago. So I hope someone is going to get pleased soon. Well, that someone knows that it's coming, and who it's from too....*blushing* I blew it almost the same week we started by leting her know :-) But that's me, too quick for my own thoughts!

Hope you all are enjoying these wonderful days before Christmas!

Here we are baking cakes, making Christmas recipes, decorating the house, writing Christmas letters and visiting eachother. It really is a joyable time of year!

Except...I'm late with my gifts. Knitting day and night to get finished...others doing the same?

My package came

CATW swap
Originally uploaded by bianca_b
Yesterday late afternoon I received this lovely package from my Merry Elf in the Christmas Around the World Swap. Thank you Regina!

It contained Crystal Palace Yarns needles, 420 yards of blue Merino, soap (the slice of cake LOL!) and a knitted lace bag in which I can save it, a little pin and a pattern. Not to forget my own pot of gold! (Tea) Guess what I will be doing with Christmas? Yep! Knit the Pine Tree socks, as my Merry Elf is right - the Pine Tree is my Tree.


Hi all swappers
Just wanna let you know that Santa is very busy - hope Rudolph can find his way...... down to Florida. Have heard my pressy has left SAN FRANCISCO.......
Can't wait, the days can't disappear fast enough now..... Christmas is getting closer. Can't wait slowly.....
THANKS girls for organizing this swap !!!!
Hugs and warm thoughts
Hanne in Denmark