Thursday, December 20, 2007

Package arrived!

I've received my package yesterday from Betty-Jean! It's such a great parcel! She knitted a beautiful shawl for me in colors I like very much! She sent me handpainted wool - nice colors and very soft. I'm going to knit socks out of it. And so much more things she sent me - chocolate - taste of marcipan - mmmmmmmmmmm, tea, a nice dish cloth with a thing to make cookies (dont know how to say it in English), a notepad, a vanille candle and two ornaments for the christmas tree, a body lotion - I like the flavor - and a nice little "treasure book of christmas memories" and some patterns for bags and for a scarf. It's such a great package! Thank you so much, Betty-Jean!

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Knittymuggins said...

Sounds like a lovely package! So glad it got there safely :) Happy Holidays!