Monday, December 17, 2007

Thank you!

I recieved the most lovely box from Australia!
Wish I had a camera to take photos....but alas, it was lost in Disneyland last month.

Anyway....I recieved 2 skeins of a lovely bamboo yarn that I cant wait to try out (when and if I ever finish the GI Blanket!). A box of my favorite cookies - shortbread! A book of recipes from Australia - cant wait to try some of them - they look yummy!

A dark green hand knit bag (alpaca no less!) which contained 2 ornaments - both wooden and both on the tree - a koala bear and a 'roo!

A bookmark - an Australian eucalyptus bookmark! And an authentic aboriginal art Australian made handkerchief! Really wich I could show that one cause it is really neat! And some handy - and always needed - stitch markers!

I hope I havent left anything out cause I love everything - thank you so much ozknitter!!!!


Jenny said...

What thoughtful surprises from Australia! Sounds like a wonderful package :)

Knittymuggins said...

It does sounds like a lovely package! Thanks for describing everything for us :) Enjoy & Happy Holidays!