Sunday, December 23, 2007

Please Read It!

Hi Ladies!
I am very happy to hear that all of you are fond of your swap partners. That makes Maryanne and me very happy. Maryanne asked me to remind you about few things:

1. Please make sure that you had contact your partner by Saturday, 6th of October. If you haven't heard from your partner till 10th of October, please do contact us and we will chase them.
2. Make sure that you had anwsered to the email from your swap partner. Again do check your spam carefully, because providers such like yahoo and gmail (and probably hotmail) do have the tendency to throw such emails from Secret Pal account to the spam. So do not delete your spam without checking.
3. Please do read sticky posts! All instructions are there. So first read and then ask.
4. In case your swap partner is neglecting you, contact us and we will try to give her a wake-up call.
5. Make sure that your parcel have enough time to reach your partner. If you have a delay, do tell that openly to your partner. There is nothing worst that waiting for a parcel that doesn't arrive.
6. This is a secret swap. So do not reveal too much of your identity to your swap partner.

Thank you all for your attention and posts. Happy Knitting!


Sharon Rose said...

I haven't heard from my SP. :(

Pati said...

I've heard from my SP. But I haven't heard back from the partner I am sending to.

danielle said...

Um...what is a sticky post? You said to read them and reply back to them if you then have any questions.

Knittymuggins said...

I believe Kasia means the posts that are dated to permanently stay at the top of the blog, e.g. our introductory post is always at the top of the blog, even though we posted it a long time ago. This is important information that we want in plain view for you all to read at all times. Does that make sense? If you have any more questions you can contact either one of us via our e-mail adresses listed in the sidebar. Hope that helps!

danielle said...

I am so frustrated!
The "special" gift for my pal was ordered months ago...and all I keep getting are excuses.
Well, the package will be mailed tomorrow or Friday at the latest -with or without the special gift!