Saturday, December 29, 2007

Are these really for me?!

I received a wonderful package from Dorothea in Germany!
It is so touching that someone I don't even know has given me these gifts.
It is hard to believe they are really for me!

I adore the little wooden ornaments and the darling kitten chocolates, the scented candle, the gummy bears and card! I am looking forward to knitting with the pretty Silk Garden Lite yarn and the Addi needles! One of the wrapping papers features a knitting Santa! Dorothea also printed out the Calorimetry pattern for me and it is protected in a transparent sheet, perfect for the binder of patterns I've started.

What is most amazing is the beautiful knitted shawl. My hasty shot has not done it justice; I hope to capture a better photo to post on my blog. The colors are lovely and I can't wait to wear it! I will treasure it for all time! Dorothea, you've really brightened the end of my year. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness.


Jane said...

That shawl is absolutely gorgeous!
What a great package you received!

Stephanie... said...

What a wonderful package--the shawl is beautiful. It's so much fun to see what everyone received.

Jenny said...

I am spoiled :)

anne said...

I'm happy you've got such a lovely package, especialy since you have made such a wonderful christmas package for me!