Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Package From Norway!

I received a package from Norway today! I first met Vigdis when we were partners in a felted bag swap and we have been great friends ever since. How ironic was it that out of 100 participants in this swap Vigdis got my name? She tried to keep it a secret, she really did, but I was very clever and found her out LOL. Anyway - here is the wonderful package she sent me. Aren't the little mitten and cap ornaments adorable? There is candy (see I haven't eaten it yet), a little carved wooded spoon ornament, a snowman ornament, a little folded star ornament, delicious smelling coffee, tea, and....

This adorable Norwegian Gnome - I think he will reside next to my computer.

These beautiful pewter ornaments - the detail on them is just beautiful.
And - some Norwegian yarn and a pattern book for some full size versions of the little Christmas ornaments along with the needles to make them. The pattern book is in Norwegian! I think that is her way of making sure I keep in touch with her so she can talk me through the pattern! Thank you so much Vigids (I love you!).

My pal also has received her package a couple of week ago, but hasn't posted it on the blog. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture before I mailed it - but it did include this handknit wrap , some roving (she is a spinner), a pattern book, and some other goodies. I hope that she liked it.

Thanks so much Kasia and Maryann for organizing this swap!


OzKnitter said...

The tiny mittens are cap are gorgeous! What a wonderful package.

Knittymuggins said...

I *adore* those little mitten ornaments! What a lovely package! I'm a little sorry that you weren't able to meet someone new in the swap, but I'm so glad that you got to spend more time getting to know Vigdis :) Sounds like a lovely friendship!

Happy Holidays & thanks for sharing!


Sharon Rose said...

If you get hooked on Selbuvotter mittens, check out this book: It's awesome!!!