Friday, December 7, 2007

package received!

OMG, what a surprise! Jennifer (from ) sended me such a nice package! I loved all of it and felt so spoiled. Such a nice handgloves! And what aboyt the book for my son Rups, nice goodies and lovely yarn! I loved the ornament, well, I loved everything!
I was almost ready with my partners package, but decided after receiving my package it isn't ready yet. I have to go to the city and do some extra (yarn)shopping today, especially since the project I've knitted didn't turned out the way I wanted it. Hope to have it all ready after the weekend, I want to let my partner feel as spoiled as I do!

Thank you so much Jennifer! Have a good weekend and hope you receive a nice package as well!


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Knittymuggins said...

Wonderful Annemieke! I saw on Jenny's blog what she was sending you beforehand, and everything looked lovely. I'm so glad you got it safely and had such fun opening it! Happy Holidays!