Sunday, August 19, 2007

Greetings from Houston, Texas USA

Hello All,

Greetings from Houston, TX!! I have to thank a new pal from another swap (Hi Lynda!!) for telling me about this swap.

I haven't been a "Christmas" person for quite some time but I love choosing just the right gift for people! Ya think that's why I'm now in 3 swaps and just finished 3 others??!! :-)

My most memorable Christmas was when I received my Black Knight bicycle and sat on it all day in the living room. I'm from Rhode Island USA which is northeast of New York and of course we had snow on the ground. My mother even had to braid my hair while I was on the bike. :-)

Any way....can't wait to see who I get to spoil. Wouldn't it be funny if I get to buy for Lynda since she bought for me!


Deb said...

Hi! I am in Massachusetts and grew up in CT. It's funny how we remember certain Christmases from our past and not others. My favorite memory was one Christmas when I walked back to my house from a neighbors house about 30 or so houses away (lived in a 70's "neighborhood" if you can picture it with all kinds of "blocks" that connected). It was a rainy Christmas and I had gotten a Tape not a radio/Tape Player, but one of those tape recorders that were about the side of a loaf of small bread that played cassette tapes but also were used to record voices, etc. Stupid memory. I don't know why I remember it. LOL It's probably because most of our Christmases were freezing cold and snowy and you wouldn't think of taking a walk with a tape recorder listening to music!

Knittymuggins said...

Welcome to the swap! Thanks for sharing about your Christmas memory - that's a great one :) Hope you enjoy the swap!

Nancy said...

My longest Christmas memory is of wanting a toy typewriter and finding it under the tree one year. I also remember trimming the tree every year with my mom. Very fond memories.