Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hello from England

I hope this is going to be a really good swap, I am very big on keeping up old English Christmas traditions and it will be lovely to share them with someone else and to learn their traditions.

As summer has finally arrived here in England this weekend and we are looking out at blue skies and sunshine Christmas should really be the furthest thing from my mind!



Knittymuggins said...

Hi Wendy! Can't wait to hear all about your lovely English traditions! I know what you mean - the weather is gorgeous and sunny here too so it's weird to be thinking about Christmas already :) But Christmas seems to be a favorite time of year for most people here at the swap, so it will be fun to start the season a little early!

Kasia said...

Wendy, welcome to the swap! It's nice having you here! I know what you mean, we have here as well a full hot summer, so my hubby is making fun of Maryanne and me that we already think about Christmas! But hey Christmas will be soo soon ;)
I am looking forward to hear more about your British traditions!