Saturday, November 3, 2007

Secret swap!

Hi there!
I'm not the one who is a good girl regarding to making blog-entries here. One reason: I blew it!!! I let my pal KNOW who I am!! We knew eachother before the swap, and one of the mails I wrote had my name under it. So that's that! Embarrassed? Who, ME?????

Well, now you at least now why I can't let you see pictures of what I am making and have started to put in the gift-package! I am not taking any chances.... And I am also going to post it in a couple of weeks to be sure it makes home for Christmas.

Love Vigdis aka Vis2vas

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Knittymuggins said...

No worries :) I've almost revealed myself too once or twice in swaps before. Good thing I always read over my e-mails!

I'm sorry we weren't able to pair you with someone that you didn't know already :( You must have met in another swap? That's o.k. Hopefully we'll get to see your projects when she receives them :) Thanks for posting!