Monday, November 12, 2007

December in Denmark.

I will try to tell a little about how to prepare or celebrate Christmas in Denmark.
Most people is making their home nice clean and hanging "nisser" all over their house. I will try to find a picture of a "nisse" and I will try later to tell a little story about a "nisse". At the picture you can see a "nisse" woman and man - felted by myself.
When it is the first advent we are having 4 candles - one for each Sundays in Advent. Last year mine look like this.

The decoration here a quick one. Normally when we have more time it have a lot of green tree (I cannot remember the name in English - please help a little.)
In whole december we have a decoration with a calender candle - a piece is lightend every day. Every decoration is either made by yourself or you have bought it. We also have a paper calender - we open a window in the calender every day - some of them have chocolate inside.
This is what all family have in their houses.
In the last few years it become more ordinary lightened your house outside as the American way.
We make a lot of different cookies - most of them is old Danish reciept - I do not know the English word but I will later show some picture of them.
We make sweets figures made by marcipan, cholate and nuts yummi.
We have a Green Tree outside with light.
In whole December we are invited by friends or we invite family or friends - drinking hot drinks with spices in (again I do not know the English words) and making Christmas stuff together.
We are eating a lot of rice gread with kanel, sugar and butter.
Christmas Eve the 24. december is the great evening. We are eating duck or geese or dansk flæskesteg (a steak of pig) after that we are eating a sweet made by the rest of the rice gread with nuts and creem.
After this we are dancing around the Christmas tree, playing with each other and singing a lot of different Christmas songs.
First then we are giving each other one by one a gift. We are using a lot of time by doing this a couple of hours. Normally we drink coffee and have a lot of candy when we have our gifts. The 25. december some family invites other family members and friends to a dinner with danish smørrebrød (again I do not know the word) and thoose people you did not celebrate the Christmas Eve together with is going to have a gift this day but first dancing around the tree.
Thats enough for this time.
I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


The Holistic Knitter said...

Sounds lovely. I like the advent table decoration. Very Pretty.

Dorothy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Christmas traditions with us!

irenebgsted said...

I hope you will share your tradition with me. Thanks for your nice word. Irene from Denmark

carolynhannah said...

Oh wow, it all sounds so nice - I wish I were there.

Thank you for sharing your traditions with us -it is interesting to learn of other Xmas's.

Jenny said...

I love the "nisse" woman and man that you felted! They are so cute. Dancing around the Christmas tree sounds like a lot of fun! Thank you for describing your Christmas in Denmark :)

Jane said...

What a great idea to share our Christmas traditions on this blog while we are all waiting for our packages to arrive!

Stephanie... said...

Your Christmas sounds lovely! Thank you. I would LOVE to know how you made the nisse woman and man.

Knittymuggins said...

Wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing how you spend your Christmas! I adore the Nisse man and lady that you made :) Can't wait for you to share the story about them you mentioned and maybe more pictures. Sounds like a perfect holiday!


gardeningknitter said...

You are so kind to share your Christmas tradition with us, thank you for being so thoughtful. The evergrees, advent calendar and hot cider drinks are also a part of many Americans Christmas. We too, eat lots of sweets and enjoy buffets(smorgasboard). Ham is a tradition in many, many American familes for Christmas Dinner, as well as turkey. Another American drink that is very popular during our holiday season is eggnog (a mixture of raw egg yolks, cream, sugar, whisky or brandy and nutmeg or cinnamon all beat together until foamy.) I hope you will share some more of your holiday with us.