Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Traditions

Thanks Irene for sharing your Christmas traditions with us. I think it would be fun for us all to share our traditions on the blog while we put our packages together to mail and wait for ours to arrive.
I live in Maine, but for the past several years we have not have a white Christmas -winter seems to be arriving later and later each year. We put up Christmas trees and decorate our houses with Christmas lights. On Christmas Eve we go to my daughter's house for a non-traditional supper - sometimes it's lobster stew, sometimes it's Chinese take-out - but it's always fun! On Christmas morning everyone comes to my house for a big brunch and the opening of way too many presents. During the week between Christmas and New Years we have a big party for all of our friends where we have a "Yankee Swap". Everyone brings a gift and each guest picks a number - #1 choses the first gift and opens it, then #2 can either 'steal' that gift away, or choose a wrapped gift from under the tree, #3 can 'steal' either gift or choose another one - and on it goes until everyone has a gift. Lots of laughs and fun.
So, tell us a little bit about your Christmas traditions!


irenebgsted said...

Thank you for sharing. We know the "American swap game" we are playing the game before Christmas with all ours friends. It is rather funny. Have a nice day. Irene from Denmark

Knittymuggins said...

Thanks so much for sharing!! I agree, it would be a lovely idea for everyone to share their Christmas traditions and celebrations here. Thanks for being the first! I did my first "Yankee Swap" (they called it something else though) last year at my work party. It was certainly fun, especially as I got #1 which meant I got the first pick and then last pick after all the gifts were revealed!


Zoe said...

I have also been to the same type of gift swap but it was called "White Elephant" and you usually brought a gag gift of some year I came home with a big ceramic glittery fish. It lives in my son's room, but maybe I will put it back in the swap this year.