Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Came - Oh Joy! Oh Joy!

My Christmas Around The World Box Came At Last - And Look What's Inside!

Gosh, do I ever have a boxful of goodies to show you today. My upstream partner in the Christmas Around the World Exchange has spoiled me worse than rotten. I almost dis-integrated when I opened this big box from Karen.
Karen had sent me an e-mail saying the package was going to be late that she was working on something. Christmas came and went, then another note saying she waiting on something to dry but that it would be delivered before the end of the Twelve Days Of Christmas and that she thought I'd be pleased and think it was worth the wait. Well, I AM PLEASED and it was Worth the Wait. Karen you have been so generous with your giving and that in it's self means as much as the items in the box. Thank you for both, you kind and generous heart and the wonderful goodies you chose for me. This is what I had to wait for, do you think it was worth the wait?
I certainly think so. The bag is gorgeous and big and the fabric is nice and heavyweight, knitted with double strands throughout. It has a beautiful lace design all around the top of the bag and the color is perfect too. Thank you Karen for all the time you took to make something for me that you knew I'd enjoy. I stuck some items on top of my 'stuff', I'm already using the bag, to hold it open in order for you to see a bit of the lacy part. I'm sure it will get lots of wear. (That's Mr. Maestro peeping in the door.)
Before I got to the bag, which was laying flat on the very bottom of the bag, look at all the other things I pulled out. And just as dear as all the wonderful items, was a handwritten note attached to each one of them - so special.There was knitting stuff (something to knit from and something to knit with) food stuff (taste and smell), music (for the soul; listening and relaxing), and a sock ornament to knit and then hang on the tree (something for the Christmas Tree). All requirements met - thank you. The knitting stuff included, a pair of size 13 Harmony needles from Knit-Pick's to go with the set I already have and a set of Harmony DP's to knit socks with. These have to be some of the most beautiful needles made and I love knitting with them. There was also colored rubber bands in all sizes to use as stitch markers (how unique is that?), colorful coils to hold needs together and a bucket of Lorna's Laces shepherd sock yarns and a pattern to make the socks. There is also a pocket sized lighted magnifying glass which will probably go in the glove compartment for reading maps in the dark since I use a huge magnifier that attaches to my lamp for knitting.
For taste there was German Lebkuchen Honey Cookies with an aroma that hit my senses the moment I opened the box, homemade and recipe included, yum they are. There was also a mix for scones using white chocolate and raspberries, and a German Stollen with cranberries, Trades Joe's lemon pepper spice, and chocolates ; oh, there was also nice long cinnamon sticks to stir in my apple cider or coffee (try it, you'll like it).
As if this wasn't enough Karen sent a CD of Christmas music performed by the church choir of an Episcopal church near where she lives. The music is beautiful, I love listening to the choir. Then last (Ithink) but not least is a whole page of Christmas stamps. Why Christmas stamps you may ask, Well this year's Christmas stamp represents knitting and Karen had the idea that the stamps would look nice framed. I agree, and will frame them to go in my sewing room, yups my bathroom. I sew in the bathroom, a large room with good natural and electrical lighting. There is a place just above the table that holds my machine where I will hang this picture for my enjoyment.

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Stephanie... said...

It;s an incredible gift box, and I agree well worth the wait. I love the bag.