Thursday, September 6, 2007

My answers

I created a blog and posted my answers there. It's at:

How can I link it to my name along the right? Anyone know?



Kim said...

To link your blog just type in a word blog or the name of your blog, hilight it and then click on the link looking button above and then enter the address of your blog there. I think then you would hit okay. Doing this by memory right now. Hope that this helps!

jennsquared said...

If you mean by the side bar where your name appears, then the admin have to do that because they have access to change the template. You can probably just shoot one of them an email and they can add it in for you. As far as linking inside your post, you can highlight the words you want it to be linked, then click Ctrl+Shift+a (yes, the letter "a" on the keyboard) all at the same time and a popup box will show up and you can type in or copy and paste the link you want. Or you can click on the link icon above after you highlight the words and do it that way. HTH.