Sunday, September 30, 2007

How much can we tell?

I have got my swap partner and I am very exited about this swap. But I know it's a secret swap and I am wondering-How much can we tell our partners about our selfs?

Quate from the site:"This is not limited to a strict knitting swap, so you should as well consider treating your partner with something which will show your local Christmas tradition." So I am wondering how much can we reweal about our self in the package we send?I am new at this I have newer don a swap before-in Norway we have secret palls wich are simuler but.... I have planed something for my friend-but I am not sure I can send it...And also-are we going to give hints about who we are in the packege?
I am sorry if my questions are stupid but I am new at this.

From Hanne

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Kasia said...

Hanne, in your parcel you should reveal as much as possible. Just don't spoil the surprise before sending your parcel. Hope that this helped!

Gullklump said...

Thank you:D
Thats all I needed to know.