Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What to do?

I think I was one the earliest to contact my spoilee - Sunday morning in Europe. I left two comments on her blog and wrote her an email. But she does not answer in any way. Nothing to find on her blog except one sentence about her spoilee ... so I don't know if she got my email. Perhaps it landed in her spamfile but than there is no use to write again. And I don't want to be intrusive and pushy but that is just how I feel asking her a fourh time.

Sounds funny? So what shall I do?


Kasia said...

Please write me an email and tell me who are you chasing. I will contact her asap. Besides, don't worry some people don't check their emails that often... I had once a swap partner who practically never bothered to anwser ;) Anyhow, I am waiting for your email and will try to find out if she got your emails.

Didi B said...

My spoilee's email ended up in my spam folder, I wouldn't have noticed if my email address for this swap weren't brand new. Have you checked that?

michou said...

Yes, I did - nothing :-(