Friday, January 30, 2009

Calling All Swappers!

Welcome all Swappers!
We know it's only just the middle of summer, but we would like to call you to join us for a Christmas Around The World Knitters Swap. We would like to ask you to join us in this trip which is not only about Christmas, but as well about the Christmas customs around the world. The idea of the swap was born when Maryanne and me started to chat about our fascination with Christmas and how different it is celebrated in the US and in Europe. And since we were already organising our KAL, we thought that it would be fun to celebrate this lovely holiday with other Knitters. It's an international swap and open for all people who love to celebrate Christmas! There will be contests and quizzes, new friends to meet and spoil. So come and join us!

Signups are open, and they might be divided in two - we close them once 100 swappers have signed up, but if there are still many willing to sign up, we will reopen them for another 50 participants.

To sign in, please email Maryanne or me at the email addresses mentioned on the sidebar:
  • your name and surname
  • your email address
  • address of your blog (it's highly encouraged to have one)
  • your mailing address (postal address)
  • and if you prefer a pal from Europe/States (because of the costs of shipping)
The Swap questionnaire will follow afterwards, and you should make sure that you publish it on your blog (if you don't have one, you might consider getting one, like that your swap partner can get to know you better and see what you're all about) by September.

This is not limited to a strict knitting swap, so you should as well consider treating your partner with something which will show your local Christmas tradition.
What you should send to your partner is:
  • something to knit from (enough yarn for 1 skein/small project)
  • something to knit with
  • something handknitted by you
  • something for the taste
  • something for the soul
  • something to hang on the Christmas Tree
Minimum spend is $20 (shipping not included) and we strongly encourage you to keep things hand made or used from your stash. Also, exchanging recipes is highly encouraged :) We know that Christmas is a very money consuming time, so let's keep it inexpensive but creative!

Packages shouldn't arrive later than 22nd of December, so please mind, if you're sending internationally, to allow enough time for the parcel to arrive. Also, please remember that Christmas is a busy time for the post offices, too, so send your parcels early enough.


monique said...


I have been trying to send an email to the 2 addresses on the sidebar but I just can't send them to it. Wrong addresses or so.
I would love to join this wonderful swap so please let me know how to send my message with address to you.
My blog is

Dawn ; ) said...

I really like this idea and am considering signing up. Thx. ;D

Judy B said...

I can hardly wait ,this sounds like it will be so much fun,I love swapping and meeting new people.I think you have a wonderful idea on this one.

Stephanie... said...

Well I sent in my info (and hope it went through OK--didn't get a bounceback) I'm really looking forward to this and hope, hope, hope I got my information in on time!--Stephanie

DgsNaU2 said...

I am new to blogs. I received the invitation but I don't know how to accept.
Please help me.
Thank you

TRACEY. said...

Is it minimum spend or should it read maximum spend?
It seems to make more sense to have an upper limit on spending especially as most things could be hand-made or from stash.

danielle said...

When do we get the questionaire??

Knittymuggins said...

Hello Tracey! It reads minimum spend because we assume you will buy at least a few things for your swap pal, and then there is also the cost of the yarn that you will use (whether from stash or not) and the amount of your time that you spend on an item handmade for your pal. Obviously, it's hard to determine the cost of a handmade item, but you can probably hazard a guess in most cases :) Also, there is a minimum, because we want to guarantee that people get a total of items of *at least* that value. You can always spend more on your pal if you really want to, and some people may not have time around the holidays to hand make something for their pal, in which case they may purchase all the gifts if they prefer. Hope that clarifies some things.

And, yes, there will be a questionnaire :) Details are in the post directly below (dated Dec. 21, 2007).

TRACEY. said...

Thank-you for clearing that up for me.
I never seem to count things from stash as having monetery value but of course they do.

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited that I was able to get in to the swap!! This is my second swap, and I'm looking forward to it!!!

Rebeca said...

I`m from Brazil and I really like the cristmas swap idea ... I hope I`m in on time ...

my blog is:

and my email:

Jenny said...

I was wondering what "something to knit with" means! At first, knitting needles came to mind, then accessories like stitch markers, or a pattern, or even some music... Is it open to interpretation? :)

Knittymuggins said...

Thanks for your question Jenny! Yes, it is definitely open to interpretation :) It could be yarn, needles, tools, or music as you suggested, depending on your partner's likes or dislikes. Hope that helps!

carolynhannah said...

I'm like a kid on Xmas Eve!!!!

Have e-mailed my Swap Partner 3 times.. heard nothing from anyone anywhere...AAHH, all good things come to those who wait....with great anticipation.


anthony said...
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david santos said...
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irenebgsted said...

I am in. Hugs and love Iren from Denmark