Monday, July 23, 2007

Christmas Around the World Swap

I am so excited to be posting to this blog. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like to think Christmas is a year round holiday. It just seems that at Christmas, every one is so much friendlier, caring for each other. We all just seem to get along with each other. Whem my husband and I shop for our family, we try to find each member a special ornament for that year, one that is about their life that year. This year, we have two sons that are working for oil companies, so ornaments relating to that will be what we look for. We will have a new daughter-in-law and grandchild this year, that will make Christms that much more fun. I am looking forward to being a part of this years Christmas around the world swap. It is a way of me getting to meet someone new, and hopefully be a blessing to their lives, as they will be to mine. Meeting new people is always a blessing, a challenge to, in that, you must adapt to their personality as they will to yours. Thanks, Knittymuggins for asking to share in your blog. As you can see, mine is up ans running, but I still have tweekig to do to my blog. It is coming and will be better in the weeks and month ahead. Blessing to all Jil, short for Jilreth


Kasia said...

Jil, it's so nice having you here! You seem to be very Christmas person and I absolutely love it! Isn't Christmans the best? Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas! I am really curious what ornaments will you buy for your sons!

Knittymuggins said...

We're so glad to have you joining us for the swap Jil! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Christmas and your wonderful family tradition! That's what the swap is all about - getting to know how others celebrate this really special time of the year :) And getting to know lots of nice new folks too! Welcome!